What makes the perfect baked potato is the first question that comes to mind when you think of baked potatoes. Right, it has an airy, fluffy interior and a crackly, crunchy exterior. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to make the ideal baked potato in the oven. You may see for yourself if you just follow the steps listed below.

1. Pick The Right Tater

Not all potatoes are created equal. Due to their high starch content, russet potatoes produce the greatest baked potatoes. Russet potatoes have a creamy interior after baking that stands up well to the toppings we like to pile on them, including sour cream, butter, vegetables, bacon, and cheese.

Remember to select potatoes that are around the same size when baking multiple potatoes to ensure that they bake evenly. When baking potatoes of various sizes simultaneously, a mess might occasionally result.

2. Use Your Oven Instead Of That Dreadful Microwave

Yes, I am aware that it takes a little more effort and preparation, but the result is so worthwhile! Your potatoes’ skins will be exceptionally crisp if you bake them directly on the oven rack. While microwaved potatoes are quick, they are far from optimal for a truly excellent baked potato.

3. Prepare It In The Oven Directly On The Rack

The dishes must be the most unpleasant aspect of any home-cooked meal, right? There’s no need to dirty a baking dish or sheet pan when baking your potato. When only one is used, moisture is trapped at the potato’s bottom and the skin of the potato becomes mushy. Place the potatoes on the oven rack after positioning them in the oven’s center.

4. Simply Reject Foil

If you order a large baked potato at a chain restaurant, it can arrive in its foil packet. These potatoes were probably grilled because of the large quantity offered and the way they were produced.

When potatoes are wrapped in foil, they steam instead of baking, which is a significant distinction. If you want the ideal cooked potato with crispy skin, skip the foil. There is no need for foil when cooking the perfect baked potato in your home oven.

5. Keep It Basic

After cleaning your potato, pierce it four times with a fork or you can also use a knife. Make sure to pierce it properly on every side. After that, generously rub your potato with vegetable oil before liberally putting kosher salt over it. The potato is now prepared for baking!

6. Perform A Squeeze Test

Russet potatoes can usually be roasted in a 350°F oven for 60 minutes or so before they are finished. The squeeze test is advised because the degree of doneness can occasionally vary: Using an oven mitt, lightly squeeze at the potato’s center. The potato is prepared if it “gives” a squeeze back when you touch it. You know it needs to bake longer if it resists your squeeze.

7. Bring Out The Masseuse In You

Your potato passed the oven squeeze test, but give it a short message with your hands before cutting into it with a fork and knife. I know it sounds odd, but this method causes the flesh of the potato to loosen up by pulling the insides away from the skin.

Next, cut your potato open through the center, 1/2″ away from the other end, starting about 1/2″ from one end. Pushing the ends of the potato together will cause the center to protrude upward as you slowly squeeze the potato open. Now you can top your potato with whichever toppings your little heart desires!

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