It changed the international Pallet Delivery Service. Because of its influence, truck beds were made according to their dimensions.

There Are New Pallets In the Pipeline

Pallet Online transport is the most common form of road freight transport. Pallets must be allowed to transport freight weighing over 31.5 kgs. This is for safety and health reasons. Pallet transport is closely linked to general cargo, bulky goods, and full loads.

What Is a Euro-Palazzo?

Euro pallets are the most popular of all types. These pallets have the advantage of being made from solid wood to be reused again and again. They have standardised dimensions of 120x80x15 centimetres. Pallet transport can be made more accessible by using disposable pallets. These can only be used once and can be made from different materials depending on what goods are transported. One-way pallets are different from Euro pallets in that they have different dimensions.

6 Tips For Pallet Transportation

  1. Select the right pallet and stack items on top of one another
  2. Nothing should be left unattended
  3. Cargo should be flat
  4. Label clearly
  5. Secure goods on a pallet

How To Properly Pack Goods On Pallets

Pallets can be used to transport freight. This will ensure that your goods arrive at their destination safely. These tips are for shippers:

1. Pick the Right Palette

Pallet Carriers have evolved to carry a variety of goods and use over the years. One-way, reusable, 2-way and 4-way pallets are all options. However, one thing is sure: the goods must fit perfectly on the pallet. Although smaller pallets cost less than larger ones but are more expensive than larger ones, those who save here run the risk of damage to their goods and the possibility that the transport company will not take the pallet with them. Also, ensure that the pallet is in good shape. EPAL Pallets are the best choice, as they have been in existence for over 30 years.

2. Stack Items On Top Of One Another

It would be best if you stacked boxes on a pallet so that they can be transported in columns. Also, ensure that the weight of the pallet is evenly distributed.

3. Nothing Should Be Left Unattended

Pallets can be easily damaged if objects protrude from the pallet. Companies should ensure that the pallet is flush with their goods. You might also find that the truck driver refuses to accept pallets in this manner to not risk any recourse against the freight forwarder.

4. Cargo Should Be Flat

The flatter the pallet, the lower the risk of goods being lost or damaged.

5. Label Clearly

Loading companies should ensure that all loads are correctly labelled with address labels and, if required, instructions for handling pallets. You should also remove any old labels. It is better to stick the label directly on the shipping container than on plastic.

6. Secure Goods On a Pallet

You can secure your goods with a film like strapping or banding. Wrapping the items on a pallet with shrink wrap should also include the base of the pallet.

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