My Learning Cloud was established in 2012, with the passion to create a Learning Management System, LMS, tailored specifically for the Health and Social Care sector. With our accredited content, your organisation can empower your staff to achieve your Learning and Development goals. Our LMS is here to help organisations like yours, to confidently manage and deliver higher standards of care. To find out what an LMS within Social Care is, please click here.

What’s in our LMS?

Our LMS offers three different solutions, all dependant on the size of your organisation, how many learners you have and the requirements needed to further develop your Learning and Development. All of our solutions come with over 100 CPD certified courses, which are specific to Health and Social Care. To learn more about LMS for Health and Social Care, please visit our website.

We provide unlimited support for your organisations, to keep you upskilled when it comes to utilising your Learning Management System and will answer any questions, or support enquiries so that you and your team can maximise the use of your system.

Our solution comes in three different levels of Learning Management Systems for Health and Social Care, which we provide details on below:

Lumis Essentials- Our e-Learning only Learning Management System is a great place to start for those organisations that enjoy a simple, user-friendly and customisable system. Lumis Essentials is our newest LMS that comes as standard with over 100 CPD courses, alongside policies and procedures.

Fully Loaded- Our Fully Loaded Learning Management System is built to be fully customisable in line with your organisational requirements. You’ll have access to over 100 CPD accredited courses, with scope to add your own SCORM files. You’ll be able to access over 40 reports to save admin time and support compliance. You can also run and create workshops for your learners to book themselves onto with ease. Fully Loaded has the ability to integrate with most Learning and Development strategies across health and social care.

Parent and Child- This Learning Management System builds on our Fully Loaded system with the ability to log into any Child platform, giving you complete visibility of each site location. This is perfect for large or multi-sited organisations, where your head office can set rules and parameters for each individual location, whilst each location has the freedom to manage their own Learning Management System as their own.

How to analyse your next LMS

We recommend looking at your system and organisational requirements. How many staff you’d like to support, what sort of courses you’d like to have within your LMS and how your LMS can build out customised reports for you to monitor your team’s progression.

We recommend creating a list before booking one-to-one demonstrations, this will make your life easier when it comes asking questions to see if their system suits your organisation.

If you’re looking to book a free online consultation to discover which Learning Management System will suit your care organisation, learn more or book a demo –

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