There are more factors involved in choosing the right mortgage than simply comparing products online and asking your bank. Although some offers may look great, knowing which mortgages the best suit your needs is an important skill. agents can help. A broker will take the time necessary to get to know you and compare hundreds upon hundreds of different mortgages.

They’re Regulated

The Financial Conduct Authority must regulate mortgage brokers to work in the UK. They must protect your interests and ensure you don’t get a loan you can’t afford. This is a legal requirement.

They Understand The Market

Although price comparison sites can be helpful for initial research, they cannot match the depth of expert knowledge. Brokers live and breathe the mortgage market. They are experts who do it every day. They are always aware of the latest mortgages on the market, any changes in lenders’ criteria, and any special offers.

A broker will help you sort through all the noise to find the right mortgage for you. Get information about your options.

They Can Save You Time

It can be difficult to find the right mortgage for you if you are doing it by yourself. It can take a lot of time to compare different deals and weigh up all the pros and cons.

Our mortgage experts take time to get to know you and your unique circumstances. They will then carefully research the right mortgage for you. They’ll consider all aspects of your situation, including whether you can make overpayments and if you will be subject to a penalty for not paying your mortgage on time.

They will be working hard for you, while you can concentrate on other things.

They Can Understand Mortgage Lenders

It’s not how much you know; it’s who and what you know. Our Mortgage Experts are in constant contact with mortgage lenders, building solid relationships that can prove to be very beneficial to your application.

They will be able to tell you which mortgage lenders fulfill your requirements. This will allow them to determine which lenders are most likely to accept you. This is particularly important if your credit history is poor or you have a high income. Specialist lenders will be able to offer bespoke mortgages.

Brokers can help explain your situation to mortgage brokers, as well as fight your corner should anything go wrong.

You have the right to complain to your broker if they fail to recommend a suitable mortgage for you or don’t give any reason why. Their interest is to find you the best mortgage at the right rate.

You are likely to make the largest purchase of your life, and it is a good idea to get expert advice. It can also be very stressful, so it is helpful to have someone who has been there before.

They Will Be Back

You are building a foundation for a long-lasting relationship with a mortgage broker when you work with them. If the time comes to Remortgage you will have someone who knows you already and can help you again.

No problem if your circumstances have changed. Our Mortgage Experts can help you navigate complicated situations. Get information about your options

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