Any medical condition can be devastating, especially if there is nothing you can do about it. This is the exact case with individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s. In fact, individuals and their families will try almost anything which can help them combat the condition. This is probably the reason why CBD for Alzheimer’s is gaining a lot of popularity.


No medical professional prescribes CBD capsules uk for Alzheimer’s. However, since the compound has shown positive results in managing the symptoms, many patients are inclined to give it a try. To understand how helpful CBD can be for Alzheimer’s, here we have discussed a little about what causes Alzheimer’s and how it can be possibly treated.


What causes Alzheimer’s?


Alzheimer’s is a condition in which brain cells waste away and eventually die. The condition is the primary cause of dementia, and as a result of which patient loses social, behavioral and normal thinking skills. Some patients get to the point where they lose the ability of functioning independently.


At present, the exact cause of Alzheimer’s is unknown. The only explanation that scientists have is – the condition is probably caused when the brain proteins fail to function correctly. As a result, brain cells get disrupted and cause a number of toxic events. With time, neurons get damaged and lose connections and die.


To analyze the condition properly, two proteins are studied thoroughly – Beta-Amyloid Plaques and Tangles. Usually, people develop Plaques and Tangles with age. In patients having Alzheimer’s, it is seen that these proteins develop in the area responsible for memory. When it finally causes death of nerve cells, individual suffers from memory failure.


There is no specific treatment available for Alzheimer’s, and this is the reason why patients are turning to options like CBD products.


How CBD can help control Alzheimer’s?


Researchers believe that brain inflammation increases number of plaques and tangles, and thereby promotes Alzheimer’s. Old research studies even suggest that individuals using anti-inflammatory drugs had lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s. However, once the condition gets confirmed, anti-inflammatory drugs did nothing to subside it.


Now, in order for CBD to help patients with Alzheimer’s, it must at least do the following:




  • Prevents the development of plaques and tangles.
  • Prevent the release of toxic chemicals.
  • Prevent and absorb free radicals.


Till date, all the studies conducted involving CBD for Alzheimer’s suggests that it does all of the above. However, the issue is these studies were mostly conducted on rodents. Although, the DNA of these rodents were altered so as to ensure that they develop Alzheimer’s. In many studies, CBD reduced symptoms when administered in early stages of the condition.


All in all, CBD has definitely shown positive results in fighting back Alzheimer’s in studies involving rodents. Now, the next step is to ensure it works for human and figure out the right dosage of CBD. As of now, the best tactic is to start with a small dosage and increase it systematically.


So, to conclude we can say that theoretically CBD reduces the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. It does it by reducing inflammation, decreasing oxygen buildup, and working as a neuroprotectant. Thus, to confirm this all that is needed now is more studies to be conducted on CBD involving human subjects.

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